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Shanghai Zhengli Blade Manufacture Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a professional manufacturer of press brake tooling, press brake tooling has been engaged in the production of more than 20 years, our factory attaches great importance to the market, focus on innovation, at present, in Chinese has become one of the leading manufacturers and manufacturers in China, to establish long-term cooperative relations with a number of large bending machine factory for the production configuration of press brake tooling, in foreign countries, products have been exported to over more than and 20 countries and regions in the world, there are more than and 10 dealers to sell our products in business! our factory is located in Shanghai City, developed transportation, shipping and convenient, can effectively reduce the logistics cost, improve product price advantage. the factory currently has 6 professional production workshop and 13 advanced production lines, annual production value of more than 50 million. We attach great importance to innovative research and development, in the early stage of construction began to establish R & D team, so far, has more than 10 years of mold experience and master's degree, for our factory brings more than 20 practical patents...

About Press Brake Tooling

About Press Brake Tooling

The press brake tooling is a tool which is used for forming the processing board, which is composed of various parts. It is mainly through the physical state of the molding material changes to achieve the processing of the shape of the article. A tool for making the blank to be a part of a specific shape and size, under the action of the pressure of the bending machine. Die and lower die for sheet metal forming and separating die. Forming mold mold cavity mold with edge separation. Basic requirements: high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance. more

Our Press Brake Tooling ADVANTAGES

Our Press Brake Tooling ADVANTAGES

Our factory production of press brake tooling according to the different tonnage bending machine for different needs of the tooling with different raw materials to improve product cost-effective, raw materials used are non-testing of high-quality steel, after the strict quality inspection departments before being put into production, Commonly used raw materials are: T8, T10, T10A, 42CrMo, Cr12MoV and so on... more


1,Large air hammer hot forging:applying pressure on the metal blank to plastically deform to obtain a certain mechanical properties, shape and size of the forging certain processing methods.can eliminate the metal produced in the smelting process cast loose and other defects,optimization of the microstructure.

2,Annealing:the steel is heated to a phase change or phase transition temperature of the part, the heat treatment method of slow cooling after incubation.organizations can eliminate defects and improve the organization to make uniform structure and grain refinement to improve the mechanical properties of steel, reduce the residual stress,while reducing hardness, improved ductility and toughness, improve cutting performance.

CNC machining

3,CNC machining:by precision CNC machine tools to carry out rough shaping...