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How to use the bending machine mold?
Time date:2016-11-23 11:06
Source:Press Brake Tooling

Bending machine is mounted on a folding machine using simple bending machine mould, simple bending, suitable for various metal sheet edge bending processing bending thin plates fixed on the bench, bent out part of the angle you want.


Bending machine molds can be used in the production of simple shape sheet products, is a kind of cold punching machine, designed to handle the edges of sheet products, and bending machine is different, folding machine mold processing is fairly simple, and bending machine suitable for all kinds of large, complex sheet metal parts. Folding machines is a simple bending machine, into manual and electric type.


Bending machine works is very simple, before you need to go through a certain learning and simple understanding of the structure and properties of the machine tool and mould is installed correctly, to separate operations, required for processing against super-size plates, is not capable of processing large burrs and welding scar sheets to prevent mold damage.


Currently, folding side machine mold of varieties specifications diverse, points light type, heavy two species specifications, General is activities type can adjustable mold, can installation plate of specifications for regulation, and can according to different need processing different size, will metal plate folding out turned side or edges a end of of collection pieces or disc pieces; products for Yu mobile site, ventilation pipeline manufacturing, and hardware tin box pieces, and disc pieces of processing, its advantages is light, and energy-saving, and efficiency high, and output fast, widely by processing enterprise of of welcomes, is enterprise and family factory ideal energy-saving equipment.