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Plate bending machine mold maintenance knowledge which
Time date:2016-11-23 11:06
Source:Press Brake Tooling

In order to ensure the mold can be in a better functioning State for a long time, and, it is necessary to use the stencil to do regular maintenance job. For the bending machine mould, also requires regular maintenance. Bending machine for mold, to maintenance when parts of a main method is bending machine doing maintenance work, then introduce the plate bending machine tool maintenance knowledge.


First, on the bending machine hydraulic circuit maintenance


Weekly, to check the oil level in the tank, only the oil level remains normal operation of the machinery to function properly, once the oil level drops, then added in a timely manner. Add oil to guarantee the quality, must be the same brand used in the fuel tank. When to replace the oil, be sure to pay attention to cool before replacing.


The time for replacement of hydraulic oil, must master at around 2000 hours, of course, this is the first time replace time, change the oil after time master in about 5,000 hours. Every time I change the oil, pay attention to clean up the tank to avoid some clutter.


Second, for filter maintenance


Sheet metal bending machine mould every time to do an oil change when certain filters are to be replaced, if not replaced, then cleaning the filter.


On each of the bending machine is equipped with warning devices, when oil is not clean after the alarm occurs, indicating that there is a filter problem, at this time we should filter replacement.


Sheet metal bending machine mould used on air filters, to be inspected once every three months, do the work of cleaning, use needs to be replaced about a year.